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When it comes time to choose a lawyer, you need a firm that has the resources necessary to position your case for the highest possible cash recovery. With Shane Hall, Attorney At Law, you can be confident that your law firm has access to the latest accident reconstruction and investigative technology, as well as access to the most knowledgeable and highly regarded medical and vocational experts in Kentucky.
The experienced personal injury attorneys at Shane Hall Attorney-At-Law have a proven track record of success.   While confidentiality precludes our disclosure of specific settlement sums, over the years, we have obtained thousands of successful settlements and trial verdicts for our clients.  But, don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied clients speak for themselves…

We are pleased to announce that Shane Hall has been selected to the America’s Top 100 Attorneys®.   This honor is reserved to identify the nation’s most exceptional attorneys whose accomplishments and impact on the legal profession merit a Lifetime Achievement award.

With these extremely high standards for selection to America’s Top 100 Attorneys®, less than one-half percent (0.5%) of active attorneys in the United States will receive this honor — truly the most exclusive and elite level of attorneys in the community.


“My daughter, my wife, and I were in a horrific car crash. The wreck created many physical limitations, mental and emotional stress, and financial worries for us, but we were blessed to have an attorney who cared about our well-being and fought for us throughout the entire ordeal. Shane Hall and his magnificent staff handled all of the details and unburdened us so we could concentrate on healing. We trusted Mr. Hall and his staff wholeheartedly; they were not only remarkably professional and efficient but also supportive, friendly, and straightforward. Their courteous treatment solidified our decision to utilize their knowledge and professionalism not only during this event in our lives but also for any future occurrences.”

– Deputy Greggory Smith

“Shane Hall and his office successfully pursued a wrongful death claim after a crash in which my brother’s car was hit by a tractor trailer in Floyd County. This was a very complex case that required numerous experts from different states, and Shane Hall identified the right people and managed the entire process excellently, so that the end result was favorable to my family. I trusted his judgment throughout the process, and would highly recommend him to anyone else whose loved one has been hurt or killed in a traffic collision.”

– E. Christensen

“I was in a terrible car wreck in 2012. I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Attorney Shane Hall and all his special staff treated me with respect and took great care in the work they did for me. If you need help on your case, Shane and his staff are the ones you want on your side in the battle! They are gifted, hard-working, and will never lead you wrong. A big thank you to attorneys and staff at Shane Hall Attorney at Law! Keep up the good work, God Bless!”

– Roseanna Seals Hamilton

“I called Keith and Shane Hall immediately after my car wreck. I had hundreds of thousands of medical bills and was very concerned. Once Shane and Keith were involved, I didn’t have to do anything! They took what seemed at first to be a scary experience and worked to make sure I was taken care of for life! They are the best!! You can have Shane and Keith represent you, but only if you call them first.”

– Rhonda Hampton

“I lost a beloved family member while a resident in a nursing home. We were so overcome with grief, that we didn’t know where to turn. Luckily, I called Shane and Keith first. They met the big companies head on and got the experts needed involved to win the case. Shane and Keith are more than lawyers, they’re my friends.”

– V. Ratliff

“Shane Hall represented my mining company in a complex contract dispute. Before I went to see Shane, I honestly felt my case was hopeless. But with Shane’s hard work and tenacity, not only did we win the case, but our recovery was more than I could have ever imagined. THANKS SHANE!!”

– Jim Dotson, President of DBJ Mineral, Inc.

“I was in a horrific auto wreck involving a semi-truck, which caused me to have multiple surgeries and therapies. My world as I knew it was turned upside down in seconds and left me with life long difficulties. Going through this was terrifying. Shane Hall and his team helped to calm my fears and were very knowledgeable, patient and professional. Shane took time to answer all my questions and explain everything to me. He always made sure I was informed on what was happening in my case. Shane put a great deal of time and effort into my case. Shane Hall and his staff went above and beyond to make sure all my needs were met. I feel I was fortunate to have a fighter like Shane in my corner. Shane truly advocates for his clients and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a tough and hard working attorney. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am to Shane for his sincere compassion and support during one of the most difficult times of my life.”

– Ashley C.

Verdicts & Settlements

Tractor-Trailer Wreck ($750,000.00)

Plaintiff on his way to work was severely injured by a coal truck that had pulled out in the road in front of him.

Nursing Home Negligence (+$1,000,000.00)

Personal injury claim against nursing home and parent companies for the death of a resident. Confidential settlement in excess of$1,000,000.00.

Tractor-Trailer Wreck ($200,000.00)

Cross-country tractor-trailer traps Plaintiff underneath its trailer as it performed an illegal u-turn on a highway.

Insurance Bad Faith ($450,000.00)

Plaintiff had to endure nearly two years of harassment and litigation at the hands of a multi-billion dollar insurance company.

Tractor-Trailer Wreck ($700,000.00)

Collision taking place on center-line with 18-wheeler kills driver of pickup truck.  Despite issue of liability, settlement for driver’s family of $700,000.

Insurance Wrongful Denial of Policy Benefits

Plaintiff’s insurance company refused to pay her medical bills after being involved in a serious car wreck. Plaintiff receives Judgment ordering insurance company to pay Plaintiff’s medical bills plus interest and attorney’s fees.

Automobile Wreck ($575,000.00)

Plaintiff was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light.

Slip and Fall ($90,000.00)

Plaintiff fell in pooling water from a roof leak in a major retail store.

Automobile Wreck ($375,000.00)

Plaintiff was rear-ended while sitting stopped at a red light.

Insurance Wrongful Denial of Coverage

Plaintiff was involved in serious collision. Multi-billion dollar insurance company denies coverage based claiming the vehicle was stolen. Plaintiff receives afforded coverage.

Tractor-Trailer Wreck ($85,585.00)

Tractor-trailer side-swipes the car occupied by Plaintiff forcing it off the roadway.

Automobile Wreck (500,000)

Plaintiff was rear-ended by the lead vehicle in a commercial vehicle convoy causing serious neck and back injuries.

Motorcycle Wreck ($150,000)

Plaintiff sustains serious injuries after being thrown from his Harley Davidson motorcycle after it collided with a commercial vehicle that had pulled out in front of him.

Tractor Trailer (+$250,000)

Coal truck “off-tracks” as it comes around a curve on a windy country road causing its trailer to cross the centerline and hit Plaintiff’s vehicle. Confidential settlement with the trucking company in excess of

Contract ($110,000)

Coal company contracts with another corporation to purchase a coal prep plant and coal reserves. Parent company fails to perform under the contract. Judgment against the parent company and multiple subsidiaries and agents for $110,000.00.

Automobile wreck ($150,000)

Rear-end collision in a restaurant parking lot causes shoulder injury resulting in surgery.

Tractor Trailer (+$250,000)

Big truck veers left of the centerline on country road and hits Plaintiff head-on. Confidential settlement with the trucking company in excess of $250,000.00.

Auto Wreck ($122,000)

Plaintiff slows for vehicle stopping in front of him and is rear-ended. $122,000.00.

Tractor Trailer (+$300,000)

Big truck pulls out to turn onto a 4-lane highway and blocks two lanes of travel causing Plaintiff’s vehicle to collide with the truck’s trailer. Confidential settlement with trucking company totals in excess of $300,000.00.

Auto Wreck ($248,000)

Rear-end collision causes Plaintiff back injury resulting in surgery and significant time “off work”. Total settlement of $248,000.00.

Tractor Trailer (+$1,000,000)

Plaintiff sustains life-changing injuries when a tractor-trailer runs a red light and t-bones Plaintiff’s vehicle. Confidential settlement with trucking company in excess of $1,000,000.00.

Auto Wreck ($167,000)

Elderly driver failed to yield at intersection causing “t-bone” collision.  Total settlement of $167,000.00.

Auto Wreck ($125,000)

Plaintiff on her way to bingo is tapped in the rear by another car causing her to “spin out” and run off the road.

Auto Wreck ($100,000)

Plaintiff passenger in vehicle “t-boned” by a car running a red light causing tear of PCL in knee requiring surgery.  Policy limits offer within months of the wreck.

Auto Wreck ($100,000)

Coal miner rear-ended causing a rotator-cuff tear requiring surgery.  Policy limits offer within months of wreck.

Auto Wreck ($100,000)

Records custodian rear-ended by distracted driver causing herniated disc in the neck.

Commercial Vehicle Wreck (+$250,000)

Penske truck hits and spins car occupied by family causing multiple injuries to occupants.  Confidential settlement in excess of  $250,000.

Auto Wreck ($167,000)

Company truck crosses centerline and hits 2 coal miners head-on causing permanent injuries.

Trip and Fall ($110,000)

Company truck crosses centerline and hits 2 coal miners head-on causing permanent injuries.

Auto Wreck ($129,000)

Substitute teacher hit in school parking lot causes rotator cuff tear requiring surgery.

Auto Wreck ($135,000)

Plaintiff is hit while turning into driveway causing minor damage to both vehicles.  Case settled in less than 6 months.

Auto Wreck ($200,000)

Transportation van fails to yield right of way causing torn meniscus in knee requiring surgery.  Total settlement of $200,000.

Auto Wreck ($122,000)

Rear-end collision causes herniated disc in the neck.

Auto Wreck ($148,000)

“Chain reaction” rear-end collision causes multiple herniated discs in the back requiring surgery.

Auto Wreck ($180,000)

construction workers rear-ended at traffic light causing herniations to the low back.  Total settlement of $180,000.

Auto Wreck ($125,000)

Passenger in vehicle that ran into a utility pole causes cervical disc herniation and radiculopathy.

Auto Wreck ($125,000)

Driver fails to yield right of way and pulls out in front of Plaintiff causing herniated discs in the lower back.

Auto Wreck ($150,000)

Distracted driver looking in back seat rear-ends Plaintiffs causing serious injuries.  Total settlement of $150,000.

Auto Wreck ($165,000)

Driver fails to yield right of way at a red-light colliding with Plaintiffs head-on causing serious injuries to neck and back.  Total settlement of $165,000.

Auto Wreck ($100,000)

Plaintiff rear-ended as he slowed to make a turn causes aggravation of pre-existing injuries to neck and bac


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